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Leaderboards are here
 itsmemac •   17 days ago •  23



Leaderboards are finally here...!!!

After months of waiting we finally have a leaderboard to showcase

your stats that you can flex about 😉


All you need to do for your stats to be updated on website is to enter Paradox Isle server once

and ha...

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1.17 Test Server Closed
 itsmemac •   19 days ago •  12

1.17 Test server closed


As you all know, the server will eventually be closed when testing is done

Well, now its purpose is complete and hence its closed

World download of the server is provided in Resources

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Its been 2 months since the Prison went done.

We thought it would be a small downtime but it turned to be a 2 month long downtime.


62 Million+ blocks mined, 100hrs+ testing & 12k+ lines of configurations later

We are happy to bring you a revampe...

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Server switching made easy
 itsmemac •   25 days ago •  20

Server switching made EASY

We have listened to you and bring you one of the long requested feature

Why it took so long? No idea

Since we have expanded in multiple gamemode and server, it has always been a pain

to come back to lobby to enter a gamemode.


Now you will be able to join any server from anywhere in Paradox Isle using

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Dropped support for v1.9 -> v1.11 temporarily
 itsmemac •   26 days ago •  17

Due to the recent addition of 1.17 survival test server

Certain features are not compatible with 1.9 - 1.11

Hence as a temporary fix, we are disabling support for 1.9 - 1.11

You will be able to join using 1.12 - 1.17

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