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Launching Official Beta for Bedwars
 itsmemac •   24 days ago •  81

Launching Official Beta for Bedwars


Hello fellow adventurers, this is what we have been waiting for.

We bring you the early version of bedwars (not a full release but close to)

Still in testing phase.


Join us and have fun

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Announcement my fellow Adventurers
 itsmemac •   about 1 month ago •  62



You are a criminal and have been put in prison

Your only way out is climb through the ranks and escape by reaching the end game


There is Mines from A to Z which require you to mine and earn money

You will have info on the right letting you k...

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Welcome to Paradox Isle
 itsmemac •   3 months ago •  132

Heyo Everyone

Let me start by saying thanks to my dear adventurer's who has been a tremenderous support in growing this community.

The feedback provided by you guys have made what Paradox Isle is now.

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