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Paradox Isle

Lets go on a small journey through the timeline (yay... time travel) of Paradox isle and find out how it all started

Long long ago, there was four Adventurers who was in an adventure to find a safe heaven to live.
Every place they reached had toxcicity in the air, non- friendly people around, couldn't live there.

They walked on and on and finally they had a question in their mind
"Why search for a safe place to stay when we can make that place ourselves?"

They started working on it day by day, with a clear vision on making a place not only for them but 
also for other adventurers who may pass by, well they all ended up loving the place.

When everything was going smooth as it should be days went by, everyone was happy.
Adventurers sharing stuff around, singing and more until one day something started bugging them..
The place they live, they place they survive didn't have an identity ðŸ˜•
They wanted an identity for the place they live but all four adventurers were really bad at naming stuff.

They had a discussion on what name to keep, one adventurer had a brilliant idea (Psst.. it was me ðŸ˜‰)
to name the place as Paradox Isle (it was neither a Paradox nor an island... lets move on)

The community grew stronger day by day, happiness spread throught the community of Paradox Isle
and one fine day there was something odd which every adventurer felt.. something dangerous coming towards them

Clouds grew dark, thunder in the distance nearing every second, rumbling noises from the other side of the valley
Lightning strikes Paradox Isle, striking fear into the heart of Adventurers.

An Evil laughter from the other side of the valley put the adventurers in shock... sent chills down the spine

Wait a sec... this was supposed to be a story of how Paradox Isle started... not a Hero vs Villan..😅 Sry, i got carried away.

Paradox Isle is a community formed by fellow Adventurers (Gamers and friends)
An virtual hangout place for gamers.

Build upon trust and happiness of Adventurers, Paradox Isle strives to make sure none is left hanging
Bringing together gamers from around to world to Play and Have fun

100% no drama game community (well we do have some drama queen's here.... lets not talk about it now 😅)
Toxicity never existed in the air of Paradox isle

Join us in the adventure into Paradox Isle
This is not just a game server... its a Paradox