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Welcome to Paradox Isle

To maintain peace at Paradox Isle, we follow and abide with some rules.
Feel free to read through the rules as this applies to everyone irrespective of ranks everywhere in Paradox Isle.

To make things easy and understandable, we have split the rules section into different parts
covering various do's and dont's

Follow them to have a trouble free day in Paradox Isle
General Rules (Applies to Website , Discord and Game servers)
  • Be respectful to everyone
  • Sending/Linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers, harmware,Gorey, Sexual, or scary content - Screamer links, porn, nudity, death results in an immediate and permanent ban.
  • Dont spam - This includes but is not limited too, loud/obnoxious noises in voice, @mention spam, character spam, image spam, and message spam.
  • No harassment - Including sexual harassment or encouraging of harassment.
  • Ask for game server related help in #server-support in discord only. Asking in other channels or forum is not entertained and will be deleted with a warning.
  • Don't post someone's personal information without permission.
  • Listen to what Staff says.
  • Strictly no Advertising anywhere on the server, website and in-game other than #advertise channel in discord | thats includes but not limited to discord invites, website links, youtube channels, personal or community social media (Will be banned from server and website)
  • No sexually explicit content, pornographic content, NSFW content, illegal content, piracy, hacking and publishing of personal information
  • No blank nicknames.
  • No inappropriate nicknames.
  • No sexually explicit nicknames.
  • No offensive nicknames.
  • No nicknames with unusual or unreadable Unicode.
  • No impersonating Admins or Mods
  • No blank profile pictures.
  • No inappropriate profile pictures.
  • No sexually explicit profile pictures.
  • No offensive profile pictures.
  • No DMing other members of the server unless they want to.
Text and Voice Chat Rules
  • Act civil in Voice Chat.
  • No questioning the mods, admins.
  • No @mentioning the mods or admins unless and until required and cannot be solved in public forum.
  • No asking to be granted roles/moderator roles.
  • Contact the moderators under #channel for support.
  • No @everyone/@here mentioning without permission.
  • No @mentioning spam.
  • No personal attacks.
  • No witch hunting.
  • No harassment.
  • No sexism.
  • No racism.
  • No hate speech.
  • No offensive language/cursing.
  • No religious discussions.
  • No political discussions.
  • No sexual discussions.
  • No flirting.
  • No dating.
  • No flaming.
  • No flame wars.
  • No spamming.
  • No excessive messaging (breaking up an idea in many posts instead of writing all out in just one post).
  • No walls of text (either in separate posts or as a single post).
  • No overuse of CAPS LOCK.
  • Keep conversations in English.
  • Moderators reserve the right to delete any post.
  • Moderators reserve the right to edit any post.
  • No advertisement without permission.
  • No links.
  • Bot commands only under #channel.
  • No offtopic/use the right text channel for the topic you wish to discuss.
Minecraft - Server rules
  • No gameplay altering mods (if found, will be banned without appeal)
  • No hacking allowed (all type of hacking includes)
  • Visual Modifications are allowed (Fairplay version of the mod if existed) List of mods Allowed and Disallowed
  • No asking for Ranks or promotions
  • No lag machines (if found, will be banned without appeal)
  • No griefing
  • No begging for items
  • No lava casts
  • No autoclicker or afk mods
  • Modified clients are bannable
  • No duping (report if found anyone duping - will be banned)
Online Staff
There are no staff members online.