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Every story has an end and we too have one


Paradox Isle has been and will be a family rather than a simple community

It all started with a small idea of "Can i make a good community?" to a family of 250+


Paradox Isle discord was just an un-named community "itsmemac's server" which i used to communicate with my buddies, stream and organize game nights.

None the less it was just 3 months after the start of server, it was "Exposed" to the 15 people in the discord server that i was running a MC server which was hosted from my PC.

This was a small server which i was running from 2013 to play with my buddies SazSanrak & Nila.


So the obvious happened and other players asked to open the server to public.

Since we are going public, i just hosted the server on Aternos and we were limited by the auto shutdown

Tried my best to run it but nah, it wouldn't last long


Decided to go ahead and get a VPS from Contabo (Was cheaper and had good specs) and it enabled me to expand the player base


So, when we go public... we need a name for the server right ??

Paradox Isle was established in November 2016 with the help of my buddies who assited in logo design and managing server.


It all started as a simple straight up no plugins vanilla server (did i make a mistake....? oh yess)

first 6 hours was bliss and the later was not

Hackers, griefers and much more awaited me.

Had to close down the server for 24 hours so i can make changes.


Relaunched the server with same seed but with plugins to protect the server.

Next 24 hours was chaos as well but managed to keep it running.


Over the course of months, i kept on refining the server so players would have their best game in Paradox Isle.

Player counts started to raise more and more each day and word started to get out more and players started to find Paradox Isle


It was 2020 and COVID happened, everyone was stuck in home


Players started to join from all directions with peak players count around 62 players and that when we hit the server limit

VPS was not good enough to handle the players base and i wouldn't want players to have a unpleasent time.


Thats when i decided to get a Dedicated Server from Hetzner and till day we live with it.


Player count started to increase and total players joined reached 1000 (a milestone i never expected).


With more player joins comes more issues.

We had more resources to play with and this i decided to go ahead with Stage 2 - Expansion


2021 was the new begining of Paradox Isle - Network

Started with Custom SMP, Vanilla, Factions . Mini Games and several others


We kept moving forward and player count started to increase.

Several other game servers were started as well as TechDox for the geeky bunch


Then the time came to end the journey due to me moving away due to work and availability.

Well, we didn't close down as community came forward to make me keep the server alive.

I couldn't say NO


Over the course of next 1 year, we saw several changes to server, game, etc

and Here we are at the end of 2022 exactly 6 years 1 month after Paradox Isle was born.


With heavy heart i must say, we are closing Paradox Isle - Network.

This time for real


It took me months of deciding to finally come to this decision

Due to nature of work and personal commitments, i will not be able to keep the server running anymore.


Since running a safe MC server for the community takes time and patience.

Over the course of 6 years, i have coded more plugins to bring features, updated abandoned plugins to keep it running, patching and keeping the server updated with

most latest security fixes as soon as available.


I won't be able to do that anymore 😞


So here is the END of Paradox Isle - Network.

Server will be up till 29-12-2022 - 23:59 (IST)


but wait, this doesn't mean the end of Paradox Isle in itself

Just a end of the Chapter in the book of Paradox Isle

Paradox Isle discord server is here to stay

We will be hosting game nights, hangout sessions, etc


Thank you all for being a part of this Amazing adventure

I learnt a lot from you people on how to host a healthy Minecraft network


Yours lovingly

Mac ❤️

1.19.2 Finally is here... !!!
1.19.2 Finally is here... !!!
FINALLY ITS HAPPENING 1.19.2 in Paradox Isle   After months of testing and choas, finally Paaradox Isle is ready for 1.19.2 Due to multiple huge changes and things happened with chat reporting in Minecraft The update from 1.18.2 -> 1.19.2 took...
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Better Minecraft is here.... !!!
Better Minecraft is here.... !!!
Welcome to Paradox Isle - Modded Adventure
Heyo Adventurers 

After successful voting by Adventurers, we have decided to host Better Minecraft [Fabric] - 1.18.2 as the next modpack for 

*Modded Adventure servers will have a separate IP to enter...
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Custom SMP v3 is here....!!!
Custom SMP v3 is here....!!!
CUSTOM SMP v3 is here people of Paradox Isle

After months of waiting, multiple delays, posts, events, tease, sneak peak and much more later
We are finally here with v3 of your beloved Custom SMP

8 Months
500+ hrs
11k+ lines of code
3 minute read