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Something coming up ..... !!!
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Heyo my lovely Adventurers
Its been quite sometime since this space was updated with new info every week on Paradox Isle
Its time for its revival

"So whats coming up?"
Paradox Isle is gonna get a change over and complete overhaul

"Whats gonna happen?"
New content stopped to flow in Paradox Isle long time ago and still players are keeping the server alive by playing and contributing to the community, so i have decided to give back some to the lovely community

Paradox Isle is gonna receive a major overhaul where we would be changing alot of things and level up
  • Custom SMP will be re-done from start  (Don't worry, all the previous worlds will remain) ūüėČ
  • All the servers will be upgraded to 1.18
  • Proper ranks across the board and New ranks with auto rankup
  • Technical will be added to main network (Still will remain whitelisted by application)
  • Complete network will be re-done
  • Weekly events
  • and much more...............

Soon.... No ETA (probably by start of 2022)

Every story has an end and we too have one   Paradox Isle has been and will be a family rather than a simple community It all started with a small idea of "Can i make a good community?" to a family of 250+   Paradox Isle discord was just an...
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1.19.2 Finally is here... !!!
1.19.2 Finally is here... !!!
FINALLY ITS HAPPENING 1.19.2 in Paradox Isle   After months of testing and choas, finally Paaradox Isle is ready for 1.19.2 Due to multiple huge changes and things happened with chat reporting in Minecraft The update from 1.18.2 -> 1.19.2 took...
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Better Minecraft is here.... !!!
Better Minecraft is here.... !!!
Welcome to Paradox Isle - Modded Adventure
Heyo Adventurers 

After successful voting by Adventurers, we have decided to host Better Minecraft [Fabric] - 1.18.2 as the next modpack for 

*Modded Adventure servers will have a separate IP to enter...
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