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1.19.2 Finally is here... !!!
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about 1 year ago


1.19.2 in Paradox Isle


After months of testing and choas, finally Paaradox Isle is ready for 1.19.2

Due to multiple huge changes and things happened with chat reporting in Minecraft

The update from 1.18.2 -> 1.19.2 took longer than expected


Complete network is now 1.19.2 ready and will only support 1.19.3


Time to meet the warden 😉




  • Upgraded to 1.19.2
  • Moved complete network to better servers
  • Optimize network to avoid connection issues
  • Upgraded network to support upcoming features
  • Resource pack has been optimized and compressed
  • Custom items has been optimized
  • Chat signing disabled (scroll to the end of this article to know details)


  • Border of New world (Origin) extended by 5k blocks each direction (Ancient cities spawn beyond 10k radius)
  • Custom datapack (Terallith) updated
  • Enchantments fixed (Certain enchantments were not working)
  • Map fixed (Now updates change in world within short time)
  • Disabled Enchater (Enchanter is disabled due to bug in 1.19.2. Will be enabled in later stage | OP enchanter is still available)
  • Fixed Teleportation from spawn to worlds
  • Fixed NPC interactio
  • Fixed Dungeon timer (Mobs will spawn with a delay when you enter Dungeon so you are not killed immediately
  • Fixed Mob bosses
  • Claims optimized
  • Fixed Claim permissions
  • Fixed Chat popup
  • Multiple small fixes....


  • Fixed plot permissions
  • Fixed Redstone activation
  • Fixed plot expansion (Should be smooth now)


  • Fixed spawn chunk (Was laggy for some)
  • Fixed respawn mechanism (Hardcore)



Chat reporting has been disabled completely in Paradox Isle

1.19.2 has an important change to chat  which enables user to report a chat mesage

We have tested the same and was making things difficult to implement in chat.

Hence we decided to remove it completely.

This doesn't mean that chat can't be reported in Paradox Isle.


We follow the rules strict to maintain harmony and peace in Paradox Isle.

Hence you can directly report to Overlord (itsmemac#3623) and action will be taken regardless of their position in Paradox isle.


Currently, if you enter Paradox Isle, you will get an annoying popup saying chat signing is disabled in this server.

Do use the below mod to remove that message from popup

No Chat Report - Modrinth