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Custom SMP v3 is here....!!!
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over 2 years ago
CUSTOM SMP v3 is here people of Paradox Isle

After months of waiting, multiple delays, posts, events, tease, sneak peak and much more later
We are finally here with v3 of your beloved Custom SMP

8 Months
500+ hrs
11k+ lines of code
200+ bugfixes and changes
and much more later
We have updated Custom SMP to v3 which brings you tons and tons of new and exciting features

1400+ Custom items each with their own attributes and features including Armour, weapons, decorations, blocks, and much more

Custom Overworld and Nether with modified vanilla places
(Bastion, fortress, villages, etc)

Multi-world accessible cosmetics with dyeable hats

Not all the new items are craftable so we made a shop for you to get those 😎

OP Enchants
Did you ever feel like the existing enchants are not enough?
Well, we have something special for you
Adding in 400+ enchants to the Vanilla and Custom enchants totalling for 700+ enchants

CRYPTO Market with real time exchange rates
Buy & Sell crypto and get rich or go broke 😜

Redefined Claim system with complete GUI based options
No more typing lengthy commands to do simple task

- GUI chest menu or chat based operation
- Teleport to claim
- Claim information
- Extended permission
- Interactive claim management system

Player Market

Players will be able to start their own marketplace now with Paradox Market
You can edit your storefront to sell whatever items you want to at your own price
and stock those shelfs with those items

Resource World

Existing world and New world is gonna be home for many of the Adventurers 
and we don't want you to have a dirty pit you bug to get new ores
So here we bring you Resource world which will have all the new ores and materials spawning for you
as per their spawn rate
Resource world will reset once in few months so that you don't have to worry about unable to find resource

  • Server base version upgraded to 1.18.2
  • Custom enchantments not applying to weapons and tools fixed
  • Custom enchantments cost reduced to min of 20 xp levels to max of 70 xp levels per enchant
  • Teleportation cooldown reduced from 5 sec to 3 sec
  • Mine teleportation to next level fixed
  • Dungeon teleporter at the end of each level is fixed (Now will send you back to dungeon lobby)
  • Recepies in spawn is fixed (now will show all the items)
  • SlimeFun updated to latest and removed all addons (addons doesn't support 1.18.2 yet)
  • Food in Dungeon and Mines has been replaced with custom iteams
  • Farms now will regrow wheat, carrot , potato and watermelons
  • Orbs has been removed (May re-introduce it later)
  • Skin application fixed and now applies skin in-game in realtime
  • Negative claim balance issue fixed
  • Claim blocks per hour increased to 120 from 100
  • AFK kick completely removed
  • Quest 26 & 31 fixed
  • Keys purchase in lobby has been fixed
  • Crates has been optimized
  • Rewards has been adjusted to provide custom items
  • Mine teleportation glitch fixed
  • Claim renting system has been revamped
  • Mob spawn rate normalized
  • Improved claim visualization
  • Bank interest removed (May re-introduce it later)
  • Bar drinks has been swaped
  • Player eco balanced out with eco revamp
  • Disposal in PvP outside fixed
  • Repair station in PvP outside fixed
  • RandomTP now doesn't teleport to middle of ocean of areas with more mobs nearby
  • Auctions has been revamped
  • Skills has been revamped (more levels)
  • Giants now will attack you 
  • More jobs added to current list
  • Bounties system has been replaced with better system
  • Trade can now work remotely (No need to stay closer)
  • Timevote and Weather vote updated
  • Leash through nether glitch fixed (No more leash lag)
  • Map claim data redone (New format shows more info)
  • Players with over $2 billion cannot purchase items has been fixed
  • Entity AI restores
  • Players getting poisoned and burned to death fixed
  • Teleportation glitch through surfce fixed
  • Custom items not spawning in world (New world created)
  • Dynmap showing incorrect claim data
  • Crate keys duplication glitch fixed
  • Multiple minor fixes which i forgot 😅

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