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21 days ago



Its been 2 months since the Prison went done.

We thought it would be a small downtime but it turned to be a 2 month long downtime.


62 Million+ blocks mined, 100hrs+ testing & 12k+ lines of configurations later

We are happy to bring you a revamped prison experience

The Prison is back with multiple features and bug fixes making Prison a fun place to mine

(Wouldn't say the same in real life 🤣)


This is gonna be season 1 of Paradox Isle - Prison

We are gonna have seasonal resets for prison making sure no one escapes prison ðŸ˜

You will forever be Paradox Isle - Prisoners


New Additions & features

  • OP Enchants for your Pickaxe (20+)
  • Revamped Mine's (Made it a bit bigger = more blocks to mine)
  • Prison reset timers (Each prison has individual timers)
  • Lucky Blocks (Random chance of lucky blocks appearing in Mines)
  • Prison tokens (You will make tokens during mining and use it to spend on Pickaxe enchantments)
  • Autosell (/autosell to sell all the ores you mine)
  • Gangs (Create gangs and show your strength)
  • Prestige (10 levels of Prestige)
  • Pickaxe Revamped (15 levels of pickaxe enabling you with different enchants)
  • Multipliers (Global and Individual multipliers increase price of ore sold)
  • Seasons (Season 1 starts today)
  • Rewards (Time for some random rewards)


Fixes and Updates

  • PvP improved
  • Mine ore percentage revamped
  • Dungeons fixed
  • Mines permissions fixed (each mine will require you to have the rank to mine in it)
  • Bank limit increased (10 Trillion)
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Performance improvement



Core part of prison is Prisoner's pickaxe

Each time you mine, you gain tokens and you use it to upgrade your pickaxe

There are multiple Enchantments which are introduced into Prison as listed below

  • Efficiency - Ability to mine blocks faster
  • Unbreaking - Prevents your pickaxe from breaking while mining
  • Fortune - Ability to receive more blocks while mining
  • Haste - Ability to swing your pickaxe faster while mining
  • Speed - Ability to move faster while holding your pickaxe
  • Jump Boost - Ability to jump higher while holding your pickaxe
  • Night Vision - Ability to see in the dark while mining
  • Lucky Booster - Ability to receive x2 Tokens And Money for short time
  • Explosive - Explodes nearby blocks while mining
  • Layer - Ability to break full layer of your mine while mining
  • Charity - Chance to give to everyone online money while mining
  • Salary - Ability to receive more money while mining
  • Blessing - Chance to give to everyone online tokens while mining
  • Tokenator - Ability to gain more tokens while mining
  • Key Finder -  Ability to find crate keys while mining
  • Prestige Finder - Ability to find prestige levels while mining
  • Block Booster - Ability to give everyone global boosters while mining
  • Keyalls - Ability to give everyone crate keys while mining
  • Autosell - Ability to sell all items while mining
  • Voucher Finder - Ability to find store vouchers while mining
  • Nuke - Ability to break whole mine while mining


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